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Cessna 303

This cabin-class air-conditioned twin-engine piston aircraft offers seating for up to four (4) passengers depending on size and weight. The normal seating configuration allows for a central aisle between seats and is configured in a club-style seating arrangement. With a normal cruise speed of 170 knots (195 mph) at 10,000 feet, the Crusader is used on short to medium-haul flights (typically 350 to 450 statute miles). This aircraft is well-equipped with advanced avionics, including GPS mapping systems and digital weather radar, making it a versatile work-horse in most any weather situation.


Passenger Capacity

Seating: 4

Flight Crew

Required: 1 or 2

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 45 in

Width: 43 in

Length: 110 in

Baggage Capacity

Internal: 175 lbs

External: 250 lbs


Range: 700 nm (805 sm)

Endurance: 4 hrs

Speed: 175 kts (201 mph)

Altitude: 12,000 ft