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Cessna 421

A larger cabin-class piston-powered twin-engine, the Cessna 421 provides an air-conditioned and pressurized cabin for a maximum of six (6) passengers depending on size and weight. In addition to its well-equipped cabin, the 421's cockpit features advanced Global Positioning and color weather radar - giving the flight crew the ability to maneuver through most any weather system.

Cruising comfortably at typical altitudes at or above 15,000 feet and 190 knots (220 mph), this aircraft easily carries one (1) to six (6) passengers up to 500 statute miles. The slower-turning, three-bladed propellers reduce cabin noise, making longer trips more peaceful and conversation much easier.


Passenger Capacity

Seating: 6

Flight Crew

Required: 1 or 2

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 50 in

Width: 55 in

Length: 125 in

Baggage Capacity

Internal: 400 lbs

External: 175 lbs


Range: 780 nm (900 sm)

Endurance: 4 hrs

Speed: 190 kts (220 mph)

Altitude: 17,000 ft