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Merlin 3

The Merlin III was conceptualized and built according to airline standards, advancing the aircraft ahead of its competitors in terms of safety, efficiency, and comfort. The Merlin III is larger than the Beechcraft King Air 200, offering more baggage storage space, greater performance and higher cruising speed.

With a pressurized cabin configured for up to eight (8) passengers (depending on size and weight) in executive-style seating, the Merlin III cruises around 290 knots (335 mph). The aircraft is equipped with air conditioning, the latest in GPS and mapping technology and advanced weather radar, giving it the versatility to dodge most weather and rugged terrain.

The Merlin III typically cruises well above most weather and turbulence at altitudes upwards of 23,000 feet. When fully loaded, the aircraft is capable of non-stop flights up to 1500 statute miles in length. Very few aircraft (including most light to medium sized jets) are capable of carrying loads comparable to the Merlin III at comparable speeds and range. This aircraft offers the comfort and convenience of a jet at a significantly lower cost.


Passenger Capacity

Seating: 8

Flight Crew

Required: 2

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 58 in

Width: 60 in

Length: 176 in

Baggage Capacity

Internal: 600 lbs

External: 450 lbs


Range: 1,600 nm (1,850 sm)

Endurance: 6 hrs

Speed: 290 kts (335 mph)

Altitude: 25,000 ft