Executive Air Express

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Aircraft Management

Thinking of purchasing and operating your own aircraft? Executive Air provides assistance with all aspects of aircraft management from search and acquisition, to operation, maintenance and record keeping. You will always have access to experienced and professional flight crews. Executive Air also offers solutions to off-set the expenses of aircraft ownership through dry leasing or air charter when your aircraft is sitting idle. Our solutions provide an economical advantage to hiring traditional aircraft support staff.


Executive Air understands that time is money. We can transport your cargo quick than traditional shipping methods. When time is of the essence, we can dispatch an aircraft within hours; usually getting the items delivered to you the same day.

Medical Transport

Organ donors and transplant organs often come available at a moments notice and the window to perform procedures is very limited. We can help with these situations and get the valuable life saving organs to you quickly and reliably.

Business and Personal Travel

Securing an Executive Air Express aircraft for a business or pleasure trip is simple and worry-free. Our aircraft fly customers in style and comfort, and are available anywhere at any time with a single phone call to our 24-hour customer care center. Experienced charter specialists are ready to handle the entire process, from scheduling of the aircraft and crew, to catering, ground transportation and hotel accommodations. Learn More

Block Time Purchases

Block time purchases are a way to further reduce your overall travel expenses if you know you are going to be flying a lot over a six to twelve month period. Unlike other companies, our block time purchases can be used to lock in aircraft rates on ALL of the aircraft in our fleet, not just one. This way you can use your money toward the aircraft that best fits your mission. No point in paying jet prices for a trip that can be done much more easily and economically in one of our highly capable twin Cessnas. Please call to inquire about the different packages we can offer and the savings advantages.