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On-Demand Aircraft Charter Services

Securing an Executive Air Express aircraft for a business or pleasure trip is simple and worry-free. Our aircraft fly customers in style and comfort, and are available anywhere at any time with a single phone call to our 24-hour customer care center. Experienced charter specialists are ready to handle the entire process, from scheduling of the aircraft and crew, to catering, ground transportation and hotel accommodations.

Economical and convenient

Our charter services offer an alternative to expensive and delay-prone airline travel. In many cases, the cost of multiple first-class airline tickets exceeds the cost of private charter. Time-wasting airline hassles such as airport security lines, lengthy delays and unhelpful service agents are eliminated.

On your schedule

You are in complete control of departure times, dates and destination cities. Enroute schedule changes, adjusted departure times and making unscheduled stops, no problem. Plus, the versatility of our aircraft allows access more airports than traditional airlines, giving you more choices in destination. Providing customers the highest levels of service, reliability, comfort and safety is our top priority. The versatility of our aircraft allows access more airports than traditional airlines, giving customers more choices in destination.

Save Time and Money

Executive Air

Depart Murfreesboro Airport in the morning, attend your meeting, return back to Murfreesboro Airport the same evening.

Price: $4,874.00 - up to 8 people

Commerical Airline

Depart Nashville airport the night before, connect through Atlanta Airport, arrive in Little Rock, AR that evening. The next day attend your meeting, fly back to Nashville Airport with a connection in Atlanta.

Price: $8,572.00 - total airfare for 8 people

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Executive Air Express gives customers the ease and flexibility of corporate aircraft without the expense of actual ownership. Contact us today and experience the benefits of flying charter.

Spend less nights away from home.
Never experience another layover.
No need to worry about missing your flight.
No security lines or flight delays.
Save on travel expenses such as food, hotels, etc.

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